We provide gardeners and educators with beautiful, informative, and weather-resistant signs for their gardens.

Whether you’re a teacher looking to create an outdoor classroom, a botanical garden showcasing your collection, or a home gardener who wants to label their plants with style, our garden markers are perfect for you.

Smart Garden Signs

Beautiful, weather-proof signs for gardens

Our founding naturalist had always been looking for the perfect educational garden sign. Tired of laminating signs that faded in sunlight, ran with the snow cover or painting rocks that chipped, she worked with Northwoods Laser and Embroidery to design these weather proof signs. Knowing they would last, she took the opportunity to design markers with educational information she knew kids and teachers would benefit from: pictures of the plant, standards of vocabulary, plant identification characteristics, interesting facts, and the lore and uses of plants.

These signs contain more information than the usual botanical sign, have a beautiful laser engraved plant image and cost less than other signs you can find on the internet. The signs measure 4 inches by 5 inches and are mounted on a sturdy galvanized steel stake—no more plastic breakage.

Whether you are at a school, a botanical garden or demonstration garden, these markers will reach out to your public audience and interest them in your plants.

Standard sizes

4 inches by 5 inches &
7 inches by 11 inches

Stake Length

18 inches or 36 inches

Stake Material

Galvanized steel


UV resistant plastic Various color options


Starting at $15

Custom Signs

Call or email for pricing

Consider a
Custom Sign!

  • Plant Picture
  • Description
  • Growth Conditions
  • Wildlife Value
  • Fun Facts
  • Plant Lore
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